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What is Gujarati food Dal bhat?

Gujarati Dal Bhat is classic blast of Authentic Indian Flavours

DHARD (dard, dhal, dal)

Gujarati Dal Bhat is a time-honored dish of sub-continent India prominent in every Gujarati kitchen for ages. This Gujarati staple dish is an integral part of an authentic Gujarati thali.

Bhat here means boiled rice.

This is a dish that tastes best when served with hot rice. Thus, the name 'dal bhat'. 'Gujarati Dal Bhat' is a sweet and spicy flavored lentil gravy soup that is blended well with aromatic spices along with a flavourful oil tempering in the end.

The classic dal is a primary dish when we look into the list of Gujarati traditional food. Moreover, the versatility of the dish is such that it can be served on any grand occasion and also can be relished as an everyday staple dish.


Why Is It So Popular?

Gujarati Dal Bhat is not only famous in India but all over the world. Apart from its simplicity, the authentic Gujarati taste is another factor that makes it so popular. 

This is also a healthy food option for those who are counting on their calories. The quantity of oil used is less and the spices used are all helpful for the body. One cup of lentil soup at dinner-time is a perfect dish to end the day.


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