A Gujarati Indian cookbook born out of love becomes a runaway success story...

This is Jayshri and Laxmi's Journey.

In late October 2016, six months after Laxmi and Thakor Ganda retired from selling the family dairy, Jayshri rang her Mum, asking for some tips on cooking. "I had left home for University and wanted to try some of Mum's recipes, but they weren't tasting the same". In what is a typical Indian mother response, Laxmi suggested "just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that", which resulted in an also typical response of "but how much is that"? Jayshri soon realised that these beloved family recipes were far too precious not to preserve and slowly got her Mum on board to document them for future generations and to share with their wider community.

Jayshri and Laxmi spent eight months cooking and recording "everyday Gujarati recipes" of fresh, light and clean Indian food. Laxmi, who emigrated to New Zealand when she was 17 years old, came from a fishing village in northwest India, where seafood was aplenty and, along with vegetables and grains and pulses, made up most of their diet. Apart from seafood, the cuisine in the Gujarat region is typically vegetarian, with many tomato-based dishes (minimal cream) and an abundance of fresh spices such as chilli, garlic, ginger, and turmeric. The family recipes included in this stunning collection are authentic Gujarati fare, but with an essence of New Zealand sprinkled in.

"I'm incredibly grateful to have been brought up in New Zealand by my Indian parents. I get the best of both worlds. A rich, diverse culture that holds strong values and adds a zing to life with its colour and spice, alongside the beautiful, laid-back nature of New Zealand. It's the essence of this cookbook which is a recorded documentation of both the skills and cooking methods that come from India and have been adapted for the New Zealand culture through the memories and knowledge of my mother and family." Jayshri Ganda

With entrepreneurial blood running through her veins, Jayshri set off on an enthusiastic journey, gathering together recipes and a photographer and printer while also adding her creative skills to the mix via art direction and graphic design to self-publish this celebration of food and love.

"Like many first-generation families growing up in New Zealand, our language of love was not in a verbal language of "I Love You", not in a physical language of hugs, but in a language that they were shown by their parents, which they passed on to the next generation. The Indian Language of Love: Food"

Originally published as a limited edition of 2,000 copies for family and friends, the mother and daughter duo were overwhelmed when A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That was first nominated. They then took out the Best Indian Cuisine Book and Best Spices and Herbs Book at the 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards – 'the Oscars of food awards.

Good news spreads fast, and after two more reprints, the pair have now sold 4,000 copies, with another reprint on its way.  Regularly receiving emails of gratitude, Jayshri and Laxmi have built a solid fan base, and this year were approached and presented at The Food Show in both Christchurch and Auckland.

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That is a stunning hardcover cookbook packed with over 100 mouth-watering recipes, including favourites such as Lamb Curry, a Sunday Roast Chicken and a Lamb Kofta recipe with a masala twist. Featured in the most extensive section of the book is a varied and rich selection of tasty vegetable dishes, including an Indian style hangi dish of Stir-Fried Peas & Vegetables, which is traditionally cooked upside down in the ground inside baked clay pots. Chickpea curry, stuffed eggplant, a hot and spicy lentil soup, and an Indian version of French Toast also feature for vegetarians or those who wish to try more meat-free dishes! Chutneys, Indian Salsa, Indian Rice Pudding and a delicious selection of sweets and drinks round off this compendium of recipes and techniques that expertly blend two cultures.

This book is for all New Zealanders, for the lover of Indian food or for the New Zealand born Indian who would like to explore more of their culture through cooking. Laxmi and Jayshri hope this cookbook is a starting point to ensure the cooking skills and knowledge that their mums brought from India to New Zealand are passed

Gujarati Cookbook wins Gourmand Best in the World, Laxmi and Jayshri Ganda from New Zealand


A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That Gujarati Indian Cookbook represented New Zealand against the rest of the World and have been awarded the Best Indian Cuisine Book and Best Spices and Herbs Book at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards –

‘The Oscars of Food Awards’.

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Christchurch Indian cookbook preserves family recipes

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