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Who developed the recipes in this cookbook?

The recipes have been passed down from generation to generation from my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother—all originating in Avda Falia, Navsari in Gujarat, India. When my mother, Laxmi Ganda, married my father and moved to New Zealand at 17, she brought her knowledge of spices and raised us three kids on her delicious meals. Mum learned much more when she came to New Zealand through her mother in law and sister-in-law and integrated many of her cooking skills to incorporate the kiwi culture.

These recipes are traditionally from Gujarat and taste like home, although some have a kiwi spin like Kheemo pie. Spicy Lamb Pie! All the recipes have been recorded by Jayshri (Laxmi's 2nd daughter) with actual measurements instead of intuition via sight and smell. Together the duo put together this cookbook to share with others worldwide. Read our story here.


Who is this cookbook for?

This book is for all New Zealanders, for the lover of Indian food or for the New Zealand born Indian who would like to explore more of their culture through cooking.

The book is presented in English to enable the multicultural people of New Zealand an opportunity to understand Gujarati food. Each title is first written in Gujarati script, followed by the Gujarati name we use around the home. The pronunciation is written beside in brackets to help you verbalise it, and below is a description of what the dish includes

"More than anything, I hope this cookbook brings you an opportunity to try a Gujarati Indian dish, but not only that, I hope it brings you closer to the Gujarati Indian culture, whether you're Indian and it's asking your mum how she makes her dish special, or if it’s that Indian family or friend you know and you've always enjoyed the food they offer when visiting. I encourage you to make connections and find out what makes it unique.

My deepest desire is that this cookbook inspires you to connect your heart to people through the art of cooking and food; understanding the Indian love language" – Jayshri Ganda

The idea of producing this cookbook came from wanting to learn how to cook my mother's delicious meals; when learning, I realised the commonality of Indian mum's teaching their recipes was often just "A little bit of this and little bit of that" without knowing any precise measurements. The skills were in using sight and smell. Being born in New Zealand and having many Indian friends and family also born outside of India, I soon realised many of us had not yet documented our mum's recipes and came across the same problem - "But mum, how much is that". I then realised there was a gap in the market and went about producing a cookbook to share. I soon realised it wasn't just her NZ born Indian friends who wanted copies; those who had married into Gujarati families, those whose dearest friends were Gujarati and loved their meals and food. And those who loved spices curries and wanted to expand their knowledge with the Gujarati style curry, a fresher, cleaner curry.


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Gujarati Cookbook wins Gourmand Best in the World, Laxmi and Jayshri Ganda from New Zealand


A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That Gujarati Indian Cookbook represented New Zealand against the rest of the World and have been awarded the Best Indian Cuisine Book and Best Spices and Herbs Book at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards –

‘The Oscars of Food Awards’.

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    24 Sept 2021

    That changed somewhat this year when I bought A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That — a cookbook created by Kiwi girl Jayshri Ganda based on the recipes of her mother, Laxmi. Their style is Gujarati..

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    The Food Show

    30 July 2021

    Auckland will be welcoming Jayshri Ganda and her mother, Laxmi, to the NEFF Cooking Theatre after their debut show in Christchurch earllier this year. This is the firsy time the we have had anyone cooking up authentic Indian Cuisine on stage... Click Here

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    Fried Masala Chicken

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    Today's food segment is a joint effort between Jayshri Ganda and her mum Laxmi. They have teamed up to give everyone the opportunity to make their delicious Indian cuisine at home by putting a cook book Listen Here

M2 Women Magazine Gujarati Indian Cookbook Story with Gujarati recipes award the best in the world

M2 Women Magazine Summer 22 edition


Jayshri and laxmi talk to M2 about the story and passion behind their self published cookbook

"A LITTLE BIT OF THIS, A LITTE BIT OF THAT" A Gujarati Indian Cookbook

We got a chance to chat to Jayshri
about the book, along with what makes Gujarati food so unique, the process they went through when choosing recipes and how it feels to know these family recipes have been loved by so many.

Gujarati Cookbook Book of the week with Rijula Das from News room, With Gujarati recipes one of the best and easy to follow

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MARCH 2022

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of Thatby Kiwi Indians Jayshri Ganda and her mum Laxmi is firmly in the second category. It's revivalist at heart and wants to conserve familial traditions.

Christchurch Indian cookbook preserves family recipes

Christchurch Indian cookbook preserves family recipes

Jayshri Ganda came up with the idea of publishing a cookbook of her mum Laxmi's recipes, as a way of documenting what has been passed down from one generation to the next, so that's what they did.

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