A New Zealand Gujarati Indian cookbook born out of love gets awarded the incredible :: Gourmand Best in the World Cookbook ::

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a mother secret spice: love. A gujarati Indian Cookbook from Aotearoa
  • Traditional Gujarati Kadhi is a sweet and sour hot yoghurt sauce that Gujarati love to have with rice on it's own. It is often in the Gujarati Thali and this recipe for kadhi and or khadhi is a popular dish not only Gujarat, but India.

    GUJARATI KADHI RECIPE / Spicy Yoghurt Gravy

    A very popular Gujarati dish made from yoghurt and spices. This spicy yoghurt gravy is an essential part of Gujarati cuisine that is often had with rice, but can also be had on it's own accompanying a meal. Click Here.

  • INDIAN DONUT BALLS / Gulab Jaman

    What is Gulab Jaman: An Indian version of homemade donuts dipped in a rose (gulab) sugar syrup as opposed to granulated sugar. A tasty favourite and easy to make.
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  • CORIANDER CHUTNEY / Dhania ne Chutney

    A versatile dip that is so tasty for lovers of coriander.

    It is mildly spicy and tangy. Great with many of the recipes from the starters and appetisers section of our cookbook.

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Gujarati Cookbook wins Gourmand Best in the World, Laxmi and Jayshri Ganda from New Zealand


A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That Gujarati Indian Cookbook 

Represented New Zealand against the rest of the World and have been awarded the Best Indian Cuisine Book and Best Spices and Herbs Book at the Gourmand World

Cookbook Awards –

‘The Oscars of Food Awards’.

M2 Women Magazine Gujarati Indian Cookbook Story with Gujarati recipes award the best in the world

M2 Women Magazine Summer 22 edition


Jayshri and laxmi talk to M2 about the story and passion behind their self published cookbook

"A LITTLE BIT OF THIS, A LITTE BIT OF THAT" A Gujarati Indian Cookbook

We got a chance to chat to Jayshri
about the book, along with what makes Gujarati food so unique, the process they went through when choosing recipes and how it feels to know these family recipes have been loved by so many.