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Who developed the recipes in this cookbook?

The recipes have been passed on from generation to generations from my great grandmother, grandmother and my mother. All originating in Avda Falia, Navsari in Gujarat India. When my mother Laxmi Ganda married my father and moved to New Zealand at the young age of 17, she brought her knowledge of spices and raised us 3 kids on her delicious meals. Mum learned much more when she came to New Zealand through her mother in law and sister in laws and integrated alot of her cooking with a kiwi spin. These recipes are traditionally from Gujarat and taste like home, although some have a kiwi spin like Kheemo pie. Spicy Lamb Pie! All the recipes were documented by Jayshri (Laxmi's 2nd daughter) with actual measurements as opposed to intuition via sight and together the duo put together this cookbook to share with other around the world. Read our story here.


Who is this cookbook for?

Originally created By Jayshri for your kiwi born Indian friends and family, who either had not yet documented their mum's recipe or never had the chance to learn for many different reasons. Jayshri soon realise it wasn't just her NZ born Indian friends who wanted copies, it was those who had married into Gujarati families, those who dearest friends were Gujarati and loved their meals and food. And those who loved spices, curries and were wanting to expand their knowledge with the Gujarati style curry which is a fresher, cleaner curry.


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A stunning hard cover cookbook packed with over 100 mouth-watering recipes, including favourites such as lamb curry; a Sunday
Roast Chicken and a Lamb Kofta recipe with a masala twist. Featured in the largest section..

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