Gujarati Food Recipes

  • How to make Chevdo, Bhuja mix: The best Indian snack

    A classic Indian snack that is well known all around the world. This recipe allows you to make your own small amount at home. Make up small bags fo...
  • How to make Masala Chicken Nibbles

    Ohh so tasty.. Masala Chicken Nibbles. This economical simple chicken dish for the family whilst providing a marvelous flavour that your tastebuds will have you begging for more. Enjoy with a salad or even as a starter.
  • How to cook Gujarati Patra, Paatra, Patera, Partraa Recipe

    Gujarati Patra is also called pateera, partraa and this Gujarat Patra recipe is my mother’s recipe. Laxmi Ganda born in Navsari, Gujarat, moved to New Zealand and with her daughter Jayshri Ganda created a Gujarati Indian Cookbook called A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A mother’s secret spice: love.